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Over the coarse of Lisl Dennis’ international career in destination and decorative arts photography, she has been interviewed and video’d at evolutionary points on her journey as a visual artist. Tracking her uniquely structured creative process – from being the Boston Globe’s first woman staffer to her current publishing projects – reveals her maturing motivations and intentions are key themes. On Lisl’s publishing bucket list for the future is the inspirational and “Creativity in Culture: Memoir + Meaning.” Based on Lisl’s international location experience and teaching career, the project will be launched in 2023.
Cline’s Corner | WINDPOWER INTERVIEW | KSFR Radio Santa Fe
Santa Fe’s KSFR Cline’s Corner interview, radio host Lynn Cline interviews Lisl Dennis about her involvement in New Mexico’s statewide wind power initiatives. Lisl discusses her multi-platform publishing project “WINDPOWER: New Energy of Hope,” to be released in 2022.
Windpower | EL Cabo Video | Avangrid + PNM
The “El Cabo” video features Lisl and Landt Dennis on site at one of Avangrid’s New Mexico wind turbine installations.  A Spanish clean energy company, Avangrid merged with New Mexico PNM to further expand the state’s clean energy initiative in becoming a leader in U.S. renewable energy technologies and job creation.   
Wellness | SOAP VIDEO | Wash Your Hands
Lisl Dennis washes her hands in a Talavera sink with French luxury Rance soap. She and her husband Landt Dennis launch “SOAP: Sensual Solvent for Body + Soul,” a publishing project, in Spring 2022. It includes the history of soap through the ages, including imaginative images featuring today’s hygiene culture. The soap industry flourished during the Wash Your Hands pandemic days and is continuously evolving in the world of wellness practices and as a fun-loving fantasy accessory.  
Fire Wood | SPLITTING SILENCE | Prajna Mt. Refuge
Not for the attention deficit, Splitting Silence is a meditation on splitting logs down for the fireplace at the Prajna Mountain Refuge.  Deep in New Mexico’s snowy upcountry, Lisl Dennis chops wood with unusual acumen. Auto-video’d in a light snowfall, anyone interested how to split wood with skill and grace will witness Lisl’s movements, stance, balance, swing, and constancy, (tuck your but in) and will be hypnotized by this video (9-mins.) The video is accompanied by serene Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg’s “Cow Call.”  
Engaged Creativity | FUTURE PRIMITIVE | Podcast Interview
The revered late Joanna Harcourt-Smith raps with Lisl Dennis in a depth plunge Future Primitive podcast. Harcourt-Smith gets to core invoking Lisl’s early inspirations, ongoing engaged creativity, and what’s relevant for creatives in today’s shambolic world.
StoryShards Reunion | TEA + EMPATHY | Video
At a Santa Fe reunion gathering of Lisl Dennis’ StoryShards workshop participants, she emphasizes her sense of resilience – and in our tumultuous times – “Creativity is the best revenge.”
KSFR Santa Fe | LIVING JUICY | Radio Interview
Radio host Rhea Goodman reveals the inspirations for Lisl Dennis’ global career as a visual artist and influencer in the travel industry. Sponsored by Canon, Lisl is an award winning photographer, creativity-in-culture presenter, international tour leader, and author of numerous book titles in the destination and decorative arts arenas. Lisl is known for expanding the definition of travel photography.
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