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A StoryShards Publishing Project, Lisl and Landt Dennis are
finalizing “Wind at Our Backs: Clean Energy for the Ages.”
Audio, e-book, and print, “Wind at Our Backs” is the history
of ancient windmills up to today’s modern turbines making
a contribution to the worldwide clean energy movement.
We are seeking financial support to complete this
educational and timely publishing project.
A full description is on Facebook.com

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For those interested in prints of the photographs on this site, and/or a Zoom tour of Lisl’s 20,000 images in her Adobe Lightroom files from all over the world, contact Lisl@cybermesa.com.

The collections include India, Morocco, and France, as well as many other countries and subjects. Lisl’s signature style leans toward color intensive optically intimate images – verging on abstraction.  Framing and sizing options are available.